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Sleepy Wings - Designed by Sydney mum of 2 : Shae

Images of babies from aboveSleepy WingsTM was designed in the early hours of the morning Summer 2010 whilst breast feeding. Dileriously tired from returning to Alannah's cot to replace lost dummies, I started to think through ways that Alannah could retrieve her own dummy. Objective: More sleep!

With concerns of overheating Alannah on hotter days, also makes full body wrapping or swaddling dangerous. I needed to design a garment that would keep Alannah in her swaddled position, but also ensure she was cool and safe.

Sleepy Wings was then created, home made at first, and trialled and tested for months to get the design just right!  It pleases me that my design also helps thousands of other parents around the world with more sleep too :)