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Sleepy Wings Organic White LARGE (6kgs to 10kgs)


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LARGE : 6kgs to 10kgs – From approx 4 months
Arm Wingspan from 65cm to 75cm

To measure a baby’s ‘Wingspan’, use a soft dress making tape measure and either

1. measure from fingertip to fingertip across the back
2. measure from the centre of the babies back (spine) to the fingertip
(then double that measurement

90% Organic Cotton / 10% Elastane

The White Sleepy WingsTM in the range is made from 90% certified organic cotton, which is manufactured in Australia using imported yarn. The fabric is whitened using eco-friendly dye and hydrogen peroxide.

The one layer of 215 grams breathable cotton elastane is suitable for wear in all climates accompanied with appropriate sleepwear
(The stitching around the Organic White Sleepy Wings is light green)
Sleepy Wings is a unique infant slumber wear jacket, designed to mimic the swaddling method of wrapping, however, without the excess layers making Sleepy Wings ideal for all seasons. Its versatile use provides parents an alternative aid to assist their baby's sleep, feed, dummy and scratching habits
Note: It is advised that all forms of swaddling should be ceased once a baby is strong enough to roll in their sleep.
Sleepy Wings are also ideal for sleep in the pram and car seat without interferring with the buckle restraint.

Sleepy Wings are INPAA approved and Australian Made!