• Ideal solution to gradually wean baby from swaddling / Sleepy Wings
  • Can be rotated to use on either arm
  • Thumb suckers can access their fingers with the fold over mitten sleeve
  • Keeps arms cover / warmer in winter
  • Can be worn day or night over clothing
  • Eliminates direct nail contact, allowing skin irritations to heal
  • Enables your baby to hold their blankie
  • Hand access to self settle and put their dummy back into their mouth
  • Keeps chest clear from overheating
  • Sold in a Twin Pack - Green / Yellow edging
  • 90% cotton / 10% elastane
  • 215 grams breathable cotton elastane
  • One size - ideal for wingspan of 65cm to 90cm

grow wing twin pack

RRP $45.00 AU - GROW WING: Twin Pack