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BLUE TWIN PACK Mitten Sleeves 12 to 18 months (Wingspan 78 to 86cm)


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Jack & Abby Mitten Sleeves
"Itch without the scratch"
Exclusive TWIN PACK
1 x Pale Blue front, Blue back
1 x Blue front, Pale Blue back
(Sizes or colours will not be mixed)
PREVENT bubs scratching themselves with Mitten Sleeves, a one-piece garment designed for babies with itchy skin irritations such as eczema.

Unlike mittens, bubs can't pull them off! 
Can be worn all by itself, or over a singlet/short sleeve bodysuit, day or night & 24/7!

93% Cotton 7% Elastane

Wash/Dry Friendly

Available in 9 SIZES
Size 0-3 mths (Wingspan 55-60cm)
Size 3-6 mths (Wingspan 60-65cm)

Size 6-9 mths (Wingspan 65-70cm)
Size 9-12 mths (Wingspan 70-78cm)
Size 12-18 mths (Wingspan 78-86cm)
Size 18-24 mths (Wingspan 86-94cm)
Size 2-3yrs  (Wingspan 94-102cm)
Size 3-4yrs  (Wingspan 102-110cm)
Size 4-5yrs  (Wingspan 110-118cm)

Measure babys 'Wingspan' going from middle of back to finger tips, then double it to get your Wingspan Measurement.

Note: If you measure closer to the widest wingspan eg; 65cm (size 3-6months) or 70cm (6-9months) purchase the next size up!