Reviews - Testimonials

Sara (27th July 2013)
I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the Sleepy Wings! To befin with we put the wings upside down and swaddled as normal.  But I thought i'd give my 3 month his arms and put it the right way up... well it was like magic!  Our sleep increased greatly! Thank you Thank you!  

Ingrid (3rd July 2013)
I love these sleepy wings so much, they are one of the best purchases we've made in term of baby products!!

Anna (19th June 2013) 
I just wanted to let you know that I am a first time mum and Sleepy Wings have been the best thing I have ever come across!! They were like a magic potion for sleep and worked just as well in the cot, pram or capsule. Also when I left my little one with anyone else (including her dad) no one could wrap her properly but everyone can pop on the Sleepy Wings and off to sleep she would go - so, so easy.

(25th March 2013)

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. I was tearing my hair out every night having to re-swaddle my houdini-like 3 months old several times. He also seemed to really dislike being swaddled but I had no alternative as he has such a strong startle reflex. Since using the sleepy wings, night-times are so much easier and he's sleeping longer between feeds. Thank you!!

Suzy (19th April 2013)
I love Sleepy Wings. These were a lifesaver when it came to bedtime. For the first two months of my son's life, we swaddled him tightly every night. However, when he was two months old, we found out he had mild hip dysplasia. Not a big deal - except when it came to bedtime. A swaddle wouldn't fit over his brace, so we had no way to keep his arms from jerking around while he was sleeping. He kept waking up and was very unhappy. My friend recommended I try Sleepy Wings and they were amazing. They kept his arms bound just enough that if he jerked them he wouldn't wake. Even at 5 months, after he finished with the brace, I still kept him in the Sleepy Wings since he was so comfortable in them. We used them up until he started rolling. I credit many nights of great sleep to the sleepy wings!

Nat  (10th May 2013)
I just received the sleepy wings in the post today and i would just like to thank you so much. My little boy is asleep in them right now, he looks so peaceful and isnt rubbing his ezcema which is amazing. Once again thank you so much and I'll be recommending your product to friends. 

Alinta (13th May 2013)
I just wanted to thank sleepy wings for creating such a great product. My daughter has hip displaysia so we cant use full suits and sleepy wings have saved our sleep. She is now not waking herself up and her hands are not freezing. It is also fantastic as she loves her hands in around her face. Thank you so much.