What is Sleepy Wings

What makes Sleepy Wings so different?
  • Can be worn with arms UP or DOWN. (Just rotate the Sleepy Wings 180 degrees for arms down)
  • Ideal for wear all year round. Keeping baby cool in Summer or worn over a Sleeping Bag in Winter.
  • Stops scratching their delicate skin. Ideal for eczema sufferers.
  • Reduces the startling reflex.
  • Optional use of the dummy pockets provides baby self access to retrieve their own dummy.
  • Ideal for use in the car or pram.
  • Makes transferring baby easier without disturbing their sleep.
  • Promotes longer sleep as baby cannot escape or free themself from Sleepy Wings.
  • Keeps wondering hands in place during milk feeds.
  • Keeps babies chest clear from overheating and keeps hips free and un-swaddled.
Sleepy Wings is an innovative, easy to use sleep swaddling jacket that takes seconds to put on.
Slept safely on their back, a baby’s preferred sleep position is to have their hands up beside their face.
Designed to only cover a baby’s arms, it makes the use of Sleepy Wings ideal for all seasons.  Sleepy Wings allows a baby to comfort themselves with access to their mouth to self console, reducing their startling and scratching.

                      How to use Sleepy Wings You Tube